Surge Protection

Orlando’s surge protection specialists!

As Orlando homes continue to fill with electrical appliances large and small, from computers and televisions to air conditioners and pool pumps, surge protection has never been more important.

Our Orlando surge protection customers have invested not only in their equipment, but in the data and information and managed and stored with that equipment. Surge protection is often the only option for safe, long-term operation.

Whether your Orlando home is wired with heavy equipment or not, the damaging effects of spikes and transients caused by electrical motor cycles, utility switching, lightning, isolation arcing, or any sudden change in power flow will take their toll.

We provide protection for expensive outdoor lighting, refrigeration systems, electric motors and controls, heat pumps and air conditioning equipment – as well as for your home office.

Our Orlando surge protection packages are essential for protecting

  • Major appliances (They’ll last up to 33% longer)
  • Computer and home office equipment
  • Audio and entertainment systems
  • Light bulbs and lighting systems

If you’re experiencing unexpected or abnormal power surges or interruptions, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be happy to troubleshoot your entire home and to advise you on the surge protection solution best for you.