Winter Park Solar

The leading Orlando solar panel contractors

The Orlando Solar Panels experts, we’ve been in business for 20 years and are proud to now bring solar to the Orlando area, from large-scale business installations to private homes.

Electric generating solar panels are a terrific way to reduce energy costs and to take further advantage of that already fantastic Florida sun. Orlando has ideal weather for private residential customers to take advantage of all of the cost-saving and technological advances that have arrived in the solar energy industry.

Solar panels will also:

  • Significantly add to the value of your home
  • Reduce your energy costs and even reverse the direction of your meter!(Net Metering)
  • Reduce reliance on all traditional fossil fuels and electricity
  • Reduce your overall carbon footprint

We’ll be happy to advise you on the efficiency of a solar panel system for your Orlando home or business and we’ll get you all but off the grid at the same time.

We can also advise you on tax credits or similar incentives in your area and we’ll let you know exactly how much you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your family home.