We're experienced in Solar Water Heaters, too.

Advances in solar panel technology mean that most homes in the greater Orlando area can be fitted with advanced and affordable solar water heating solutions that save money every time you use hot water. Up to 1/3 of your current electric bill is probably going just to heating water the old fashioned way.  Why not save money and get a solar water heater?

Properly sized for your Orlando home and family, a solar water heater can cut 85-90% of your water heating expense, simply by using free energy from the sun. Our Orlando Solar Water Heaters circulate water through a roof mounted solar panel which absorbs heat from the Florida sun while the system collects water and maintains the temperature that you control.

Solar water heating systems will provide 40, 50, 66, 80, or 120 gallons of almost free hot water every day.


Our Orlando Solar Water Heater solution includes:

  • Safe, non-polluting environmentally sensitive technology
  • Little or no dependence on fossil fuels
  • An end to sky-high electricity rates
  • A significant boost to your property value

Call us and we’ll be happy to discuss a retrofit for your current water heating system or an all new solar water heating solution.

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