Solar Air Conditioners

If you’re like most Orlando residents, a good part of your monthly electric bill is going just to keep your home cool and comfortable. But, as the electric company knows, there is no better time for air conditioning than when the sun is blazing.

With no other solar appliance on your property, a solar air conditioner should cut your monthly electric bill by somewhere between by 30 and 50%, and as we’ve said, we are one of Orlando’s only licensed solar air conditioning contractors!

Solar air conditioners give Orlando:

  • Much lower operating costs
  • Limited or no electric consumption
  • Far quieter operation

Most solar air conditioning units will pay for themselves with about 5 years of regular operation.

If you’re paying too much to run a traditional electric air conditioner or you just want to explore the options and costs for new solar air conditioning units, give us call. We’re happy to spell out all your options in detail and with no pressure to buy.