Efficient Solar Pool Pumps

Our Orlando solar pool pumps and heating solutions are breathing new life into swimming pools all over the greater Orlando area.

Cost–effective, clean and affordable to install, solar pool pumps and heaters are perfect for the sunshine state.

Inexhaustible, and free, the sun is working for your pool all day long – and operating costs are next to none.

Solar Pool Pumps

Photovoltaic panels have been providing power for decades. Since 2002, Lorentz has been the world leader in manufacturing solar powered pumping systems. They have recently introduced a solar powered swimming pool pump that eliminates the filtration energy cost of the swimming pool.

Harness the power of the sun for year round savings on solar pumping for your swimming pool. With the Lorentz environmentally-friendly solar pool pumps, the system can circulate pool water from sun up to sun down for FREE – saving money every month and the climate every day.

Solar Pool Heaters

Your swim season may be two or even three times longer than without a heater. And our solar swimming pool heating system will last between 20 and 30 years while significantly adding to the value of your home.

In-ground or above-ground pools benefit from the quick installation of a solar powered swimming heater that allows your family to get much more out of your swimming pool without adding to the cost. We’ll be happy to discuss glazed or unglazed solar heating panels that can be installed in an afternoon and we’ll have them working that night for a comfortable and affordable solar heated swimming pool.

We’ll also be happy to provide a free cost estimate and to discuss the latest in Solar Pool Heating solutions that fit your Orlando home and swimming pool – and your budget.

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