We're ready to brighten up your corner of Orlando with solar power!

No matter the nature of your question or inquiry, we’re always happy to hear from you.

As the leading Orlando Solar, Air-Conditioning and Electrical Contractor, we’re a family owned and operated business, licensed to install and service all brands. We can get solar power for your home or business.

We’ll be happy to provide a written estimate, or to discuss your heating, air conditioning or solar energy needs. We’ll do it in a language you can understand, and let you take all the time you need to decide on what’s best for you and your home or business.

Bob Heinmiller Solar Solutions, LLC

Licensed Solar, Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractors
1519 Bldg 1 W. Smith Street, Orlando, FL 32804

Call us at (407) 641-1352  | Fax: (407) 422-0790

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