Why Wait for Warm Weather?

Orlando solar pool heating provides you the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and comfort of your pool even through the coldest months of the year. Why invest in the convenience of a poolside home, if the water is tepid and uncomfortable for a third of the year or longer? Not only will Orlando solar pool heating bring year-round functionality to your pool but the sensation of soaking in the heated water adds a level of ease and relaxation not found in standard pools. In winter, even the beach will lack the cozy charm of your personal oasis. 


Bob Heinmiller Solar Solutions, LLC, provides local families and businesses with the benefits of delightfully efficient and affordable home amenities using the free and inexhaustible power source of the sun. The sunshine state is already home to an abundant and everlasting energy, and now you can utilize that energy to ensure a year-round swim season. Solar pool heating in Orlando is a budget-friendly alternative that saves money and adds value to your home.

Experienced and Dependable Care by Local Experts

Bob Heinmiller Inc is the family owned and operated business that has served the local community for over 20 years. After establishing a reputation for top level workmanship and valued service over multiple generations as the community’s local air conditioning and electric professionals, we are proud to include the innovative and remarkable new solar technologies to our list of services. We are a licensed and insured contractor, as well as a factory authorized SolarWorld installer. By offering top quality products and unmatched services at competitive prices, we create lasting bonds with our customers that extend for years.   

Customer satisfaction is our principal concern. We provide comprehensive guidance and skills through every step of installation and general maintenance, whether you are looking to upgrade to solar pool heating in Orlando or simply have questions about your available options. Our goal is to connect local residents and business owners with reliable and efficient options for solar power.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Pool Heating in Orlando

Taking advantage of exciting new solar technologies will save you money and hassle while providing unique and luxurious benefits. You will quickly be impressed by the efficiency and remarkable convenience of solar pool heating in Orlando. We are qualified to install professional grade photovoltaic panels, glazed or unglazed, in as little as a single afternoon.

Enjoy multiple savings and benefits:


  • prompt, friendly service from knowledgeable industry experts
  • Same day consultations and estimates
  • Noticeable savings on energy bills
  • Fully cost effective efficiency
  • Cleanliness and Convenience
  • Fast, affordable installations
  • Low Maintenance Equipment
  • 20-30 year equipment lifespan
  • Warm, Spa Like water in every season
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide free on-site consultations to help you determine the most suitable additions for your home. Solar pool heating in Orlando will maintain an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation when pools everywhere else are just too frigid to use. Call today to schedule your free estimate.