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Florida Solar Services

Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning, Inc., has been serving communities across the state with reliable air conditioning and electrical contract service for over 25 years. Now, in addition to our family tradition of dedicated quality service, we are proud to offer free consultations and hassle free installations of solar panels in Florida homes. As a factory authorized Solarworld installer, our mission is to continue our reputation for adding comfort and value to homes and businesses throughout the community through the environmentally friendly and abundantly affordable option of top grade Florida solar panels. Your family will immediately enjoy the highly efficient and noticeably effective results of a home run on solar power.

Florida Solar Panels

Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems can be quickly and easily installed on any roof type, providing a welcome upgrade through any part of your home or business. From air conditioning units to pool heaters and automatic pumps, even electric car chargers can be made abundantly more reliable and affordable when powered by solar panels in Florida sunshine, drawing from a uniquely available power source that runs steady even when normal power lines are out of service. Solar-powered attic fans, available in a variety of installation types, will drastically improved ventilation throughout your house. The enhanced air flow will provide cleaner breathing, reduce risks of mold, and substantially lower your cooling and heating costs.

Solar Panel Experts

Because solar power stems from an all natural source of which Mother Nature offers in plenty, the effect on the environment is safer and greener. Florida solar panels reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and add value to both our individual properties and to the community as a whole. So great is the value of this simple yet innovative technology that families using solar power in their homes can qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Many local power companies likewise offer “net-metering” opportunities, where you can actually “sell back” the unused electricity, benefitting the public and adding income to your already substantial savings. 

Studies show that covering only one third of one percent of the land with Florida solar panels and also across the United States could produce enough power for the entire country. The savings and value of solar power in your home or business is immeasurable. Our customer service support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and our in home consultations are performed free of charge. Just as with our top quality air conditioning service and electric care, we stand behind our work 100 percent to guarantee you the utmost satisfaction.  Call today to install solar panels in your Florida home of business and enjoy immediate results.