LED Recessed Lights

Cut your electric bill with LEDs

As Orlando learns that LED Recessed Lights can shave a whopping 80% off the electric bill, we’ve been installing them like there’s no tomorrow.

LED recessed lights give you:

  • Marked energy savings (up to 80%)
  • A life span of some 50,000 hours
  • And perfectly human color and light quality!

Licensed Orlando electrical contractors, we install all major brands and we’ll be happy to show you ENERGY STAR qualified lamps that meet exactly the specifications you’re after.

We can also show you the latest in LED recessed light technology or to project your energy savings. We’ve consulted on major commercial installations and we’ve installed LED recessed lights in private homes, retail spaces and just about every kind of commercial building out there.

Orlando is always getting brighter. We’re here to help.

Call us today about affordable LED recessed lights, or for any lighting or related electrical problem. We’ll be pleased to make your part of Orlando brighter, too.