Hi-Efficiency AC systems

New high efficiency air conditioners

With over 20 years of experience in Orlando in air conditioning, we’re pleased to see the new hi-efficiency air conditioners take to the Orlando market. The new hi-efficiency A/C systems cost much less to operate and will bring lifetime operation costs way down.

We’ll be happy to show you hi-efficiency A/C systems that include:

  • Variable-speed air handlers – Run continually at lower fan speeds that use less electricity and provide all-day airflow.
  • Dual-stage compressors – In moderate outdoor temperatures, your new A/C won’t just be on or off. It actually runs at far far higher efficiency by not over-cooling on cloudy days.
  • Thermal expansion valves – A TXV will adjusts the refrigerant flow based on cooling load, again, bringing power consumption way down.
  • Fan-only switches – This one should have been included on every A/C, and makes a big difference on central air systems.

We’re bringing Orlando the latest in hi-efficiency A/C systems all year long, as well as hybrid solar powered air conditioning systems. We’ll be happy to review the latest technology and your projected energy savings. Just give our A/C contractors a call.