Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

Enjoy your pool without breaking the bank

The Orlando trend for energy-efficient pool pumps has caught on, and we’re proud to play a part in that.

We’re proud to be part of keeping Orlando a great place to live, including helping people save money while maintaining their pools. Variable-speed pool pumps let you cut way back on power consumption while still enjoying a terrific clean pool. You can actually cut 70% of your energy use simply by filtering over a longer period of time at a lower speed and during off-peak hours.

Newer energy-efficient pool pumps will reduce friction and decrease back-pressure on your motor, keeping your power consumption to a bare minimum. We’ll even advise you on possible rebates or tax incentives in your area, and there are lots available.

No matter what the state of your present pool pump, we can show you a variety of options for replacing it with an affordable and highly energy-efficient pool pump that will cut your costs, keep your pool in terrific shape and make your family happy too! Just give us a call.