Most Recent Changes in the Solar Power Industry

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Most Recent Changes in the Solar Power Industry

Recent Changes in the Solar Power Industry & What’s Next

Residential Solar Systems started as only a dream but has blossomed into something truly innovative in a very short span of time. Here are the biggest trends and need to know expectations affecting solar power in Orlando and America today.

Orlando Solar Power – What’s Big

Supporters of residential solar systems and cleaner energy alternatives will be pleased to know that decades of tireless research and innovation has been truly successful. Solar panels are now more efficient and more affordable than ever before, and consistently falling costs with noticeable payoffs are in increasing in demands throughout American homes.

According to the US Department of Energy, the average installation cost of residential solar systems has plummeted as much as 60% since 2008. Not only are more homeowners able to afford the switch to solar power more easily, but they ae paying it off in a fraction of the time while enjoying tremendous savings in energy bills. 

Orlando Solar PV Scale

What’s Now With Orlando Solar Systems

On November 8th, Florida residents will vote to render a final decision on Amendment 1 regarding individual rights towards owning and leasing residential solar systems on private property. Advocates from the Consumers for Smart Solar encourage Floridians to vote in favor of this amendment, so locals can enjoy the benefits of solar power as an established constitutional right. While many Floridians are eager to have solar power panels, some have expressed concerns about the details of the amendment.

Amendment 1 includes a statement that “State and local governments shall retain their abilities to … ensure that customers who do not choose to install solar are not required to subsidize the costs of backup power ad electric grid access to those who do.” In other words, rather than charge nonsolar users added fees to compensate for the costs of maintaining the power grid, solar users will still owe money to their local utility company. Supporters of Amendment 1 see this as a way of fairly regulating the system, but many oppose the amendment as an attempt by major companies to keep control even over the increasing number of homes that no longer need power services. 

What’s Next in Orlando Solar Technology

Last month, SunCulture Solar led by the entrepreneur Christopher Estes,  introduced the prototype for an innovative new form of residential solar systems technology. Unlike usual solar panels that connect to large battery stores in the basement, the SolPad is a single tablet sized panel with inverter and battery storage all connected into one slim and convenient piece. Estes’s invention is designed to be user-friendly with touchscreen and audio responses to report battery life and condition as well as an easy phone app.

In addition to the rooftop panel, SolPad is also available as a mobile stand, portable and easy to leave resting on a patio or balcony. This piece will be available in the next year, costing over $1000 for the mobile version and $20,000 for the rooftop. The designers believe that as residential solar systems become more commonly and readily available, consumers will want more high-end technology and be willing to pay more for top rate technology.        

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