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Latest Solar Technologies

Latest Solar Technologies

Are you looking for a way to boycott paying huge bills for electricity generation? Getting a solar energy is your only way out.  Heinmiller solar solution is a provider of solar energy Orlando. We are here to help man realize the essence of using solar energy. We offer edge cutting solar technology in Orlando, Central Florida, and service all central Florida.

We know the benefits that solar energy has and have made it our obligation to make an outreach to the world to realize the position of solar technology in our world today. It is an important source of renewable energy and its technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power. We know that you can use solar technology in your home, office, school and anywhere you can think off.

Benefits of Using Solar Technology

  • It is cost effective
  • It reduces carbon emission
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Solar energy is the cleanliest, most abundant renewable source of energy available.

Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater heats your water system harnessing the solar energy from the sun. The solar energy from the sun is used to generate heat energy which heats the water in our home e.g. the bathing water, swimming pool water, industrial processes etc. It uses no electricity saving costs for you. It is also maintenance free.

The system works totally all year-round (except for the winter season where you would have to heat the water using any other source). It saves you cost of paying huge electricity bills that result from heating water with electricity. Using our solar water system you don’t have to pay a dime except for the initial installation. This is because the energy that is used to heat the water is generated using solar energy from the sun.

Solar Air Conditioning

This form of technology involves air conditioner built to be powered using the solar energy. It uses the radiation from the sun to generate heat energy which powers air conditioning system. It is efficient and cost effective.

Our solar air conditioning is powered by solar energy collected in the evacuated tube solar thermal panels. The thermal energy collected is then delivered to the solar powered chiller using a Propylene Glycol (food-grade antifreeze) heat transfer solution and a simple but carefully designed piping system.

In summer or winter, even at below freezing temperatures outside, SPP evacuated tube solar thermal collectors produce an abundance of heat. The system is designed so that this heat is transferred into the absorption system, either reducing or eliminating the operation of the existing cooling and heating system. This makes possible free solar air conditioning in the summer and free solar heating in the winter.

Solar Pool Pump

This particular edge cutting technological equipment of ours is used in heating up water in the swimming pool. It employs the same mechanism as every other solar powered equipment; it generates its power from the solar energy. Why spend a fortune all in the name of heating water using electricity. With this solar pool panel, you can use it for years with zero electricity and at no cost.

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Bob Heinmiller Solar solutions offer a reliable solar power and solar panel service. We are your reliable provider of solar water heater Orlando, solar pool pump, solar energy Orlando, and solar air conditioning units. Contact us today to get one of this latest central Florida solar technological equipment installed for you. We are always ready to provide the perfect solar solution for your residential and commercial needs.

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