Last Years Advances In Solar Power

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Last Years Advances In Solar Power

Advancements in Solar Power in Florida

The rising popularity of Florida solar panels and solar powered technologies around the world has made an exciting and lasting impact for 2016. As designs are steadily becoming more efficient, more affordable, and more versatile, engineers everywhere have started innovative creations.

We Achieved Solar Flight

Solar PlaneThe solar industry achieved new heights (no pun intended) with yet another record-breaking flight. Having already set the record for its flight across the Atlantic and another five-day flight from Japan to Hawaii, the Swiss-made aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, completed its first lap around the world last summer. The entirely solar powered aircraft traveled 25,000 miles for nearly a year with no fuel. The ability to readily store and use solar energy even when cloudy or dark shows spectacular promise for the efficiency of Florida solar panels.   

We Paved the Streets in Sunshine

A $5.2 million project by the French Ministry of the Environment engineered a stretch of road half a mile long and layered with solar panels. The feat follows only a year after the unveiling of Solaroad, a 230-foot long bike path collect solar power in the Netherlands. The thin yet durable panels of France’s WattWay can withstand heavy traffic while providing power to light the town of Tourouvre-au-Perche. France announced plans in December to install another 600 miles of solar roadways, potentially bringing power to 8 million people.

We Drank It Up

The process of solar desalination is an innovative solution for two pressing global concerns, the growing scarcity of fresh water and rising energy costs. Successful trials in Abu Dhabi for the last year have run an entire desalination plant on solar power, significantly reducing energy consumption and creating a clean, affordable water supply.     

We Made It Mobile

The invention of SolPad Mobile allowed users the convenience of efficient Florida solar panels as easily as taking it out of the box. These mobile panels store enough battery power to run for hours without the time-consuming stress and hassle of traditional rooftop installations. The self-mounting panels, roughly 2 feet high and 25 pounds in weight, are designed to make solar power more affordable and usable to the general public. 

We Built Towers

Following fluctuating trends in the market, solar glass is again reaching another peak in interest. Although frequently deemed by many critics as overly costly, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) may become the innovative design solution for architecture design that is both attractive and environmentally beneficial. Companies like Tesla and Panasonic have teamed up to make the vision of solar powered glass panels a reality. The next generation of Florida solar systems may include the futuristic aesthetic of built-in solar windows.

We Shared (Or Tried To)

After a year in operation, Yeloha, a solar sharing community was forced to close the business due to lack of resources. Although unsuccessful, the concept was a decent one. Members could enroll as either sun hosts or sun partners; hosts would receive free solar panels in exchange for sharing their energy with partners. Conceivably, the idea may have only been somewhat before its time. As interest and technology for Florida solar systems rise, the sharing community may experience a resurgence in the future. 


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