FAQs About Solar Power

Frequently Asked Questions About Orlando Solar Power What are the financial benefits of solar energy? Installing an Orlando solar energy system in your home or workplace will help you save a lot on your monthly utility bills. At the same time, you will be protecting yourself against the yearly increase that occurs in electricity rates.…

Latest Solar Technologies

Latest Solar Technologies Are you looking for a way to boycott paying huge bills for electricity generation? Getting a solar energy is your only way out.  Heinmiller solar solution is a provider of solar energy Orlando. We are here to help man realize the essence of using solar energy. We offer edge cutting solar technology…

Florida’s Battle Over Solar Energy

2016 was a big year in politics. While many would describe as bad or good, it was a time that will likely define and influence the next decade. However, the presidency wasn’t the only thing on the ballot.
For those of you who went to Florida voting booths last November, you may have noticed that there were more than a few choices involving amendments to Florida’s Constitution. One was a decision regarding what was called Amendment 1, which failed to pass.

3 Amazing Solar Power Advancements in 2016

3 Amazing Solar Power Advancements in 2016
As with all years, 2016 has had it’s ups and downs, and a few unexpected turns of events. One thing that has always remained constant throughout the years and throughout 2016, has been the technological and scientific advancements. 2016 has been a good year for both science, technology, and consumer goods.
Solar power has greatly pushed forward the notion of an environmental, and affordably powered-home for decades. A typical solar panel can produce about 200-300 watts, and the average solar panel system can produce about 850 kWh to 3400 kWh, but these solar systems improve every year.
The technology is only getting better and better. So what advancements were made in 2016?

Last Years Advances In Solar Power

Advancements in Solar Power in Florida
The rising popularity of Florida solar panels and solar powered technologies around the world has made an exciting and lasting impact for 2016. As designs are steadily becoming more efficient, more affordable, and more versatile, engineers everywhere have started innovative creations.

We Achieved Solar Flight
The solar industry achieved new heights (no pun intended) with yet another record-breaking flight. Having already set the record for its flight across the Atlantic and another five-day flight from Japan to Hawaii, the Swiss-made aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, completed its first lap around the world last summer. The entirely solar powered aircraft traveled 25,000 miles for nearly a year with no fuel. The ability to readily store and use solar energy even when cloudy or dark shows spectacular promise for the efficiency of Florida solar panels.   

Most Recent Changes in the Solar Power Industry

Recent Changes in the Solar Power Industry & What’s Next
Residential Solar Systems started as only a dream but has blossomed into something truly innovative in a very short span of time. Here are the biggest trends and need to know expectations affecting solar power in Orlando and America today.

Orlando Solar Power – What’s Big
Supporters of residential solar systems and cleaner energy alternatives will be pleased to know that decades of tireless research and innovation has been truly successful. Solar panels are now more efficient and more affordable than ever before, and consistently falling costs with noticeable payoffs are in increasing in demands throughout American homes.